Best Mini Split Air Conditioners

Top 10 Mini Split Air Conditioners

So you’re shopping for a mini-split air conditioner? You’ll probably run into a number of brands, some you are more familiar with and others that maybe an independent brand.  Now you shouldn’t be afraid of independent brands and you shouldn’t expect the major brands to always be the best. We’ve broken down the best mini split air conditioners, hope to make your choice a little easier.

Top 5 Split ACs by Independent Brands

We’ve put together some of the best independent brands of mini split air conditioners. They aren’t really ranked, however; if you are looking at a mini split by any of these brands, this information will be useful to you.


Based in North America, Senville is one of the leading independent manufacturers of split air conditioners. Their standout product quality, efficiency and inverter technology make them the best “bang-for-buck” on the market. With over 10 years of service in North America, they are a great choice for anyone in the US or Canada looking to save a few dollars, but still enjoy the efficiency of some more expensive models.

Comfort Star

Another North American company, Comfort Star is a popular brand in the US South, having been established for over 10 years, since 2001. The durable housings and systems provide basic efficiency at a relatively affordable price, however; more expensive models are available. Enjoy reliability and comfort, however; support issues are typically taken care of by your installer.


One of the larger North American brands of mini-splits, Goodman has a few decent offerings, however, model types are limited. Many of Goodman’s models fall well below the efficiency levels of the better-rated independent brands. Dealers/contractors and installers often promote Goodman heavily, however; product quality is not what you would expect from a more prominent brand.


Daikin is quite a large producer in the world, but we’ve segregated it to independent brands, as the major manufacturers do not produce it. Daikin is quite popular in the Middle East, South East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, and the Caribbean. Daikin offers a wide selection of split systems at affordable prices, however; distribution is limited in North America, likely due to efficiency standards. For customer support, we would recommend North American customers work with an authorized dealer.


Voltas is an Indian brand of split acs, produced and manufactured by Tata, often referred to as Tata Voltas. The brand is relatively limited to the Indian sub-continent, but is very popular within India. Prices are extremely affordable and a wide range of BTU’s are available, reaching up to 40000BTU, providing cooling for large areas and commercial spaces.

Top 5 Split ACs by Major Brands

Are you looking to buy a Samsung, LG or Mitsubishi Mini Split? Read our summary of the brief pros and cons of each mini split system by the major air conditioner brands.


Samsung is one of the more popular split ac brands and is offered through a variety of retail outlets. Major appliances stores like Sears will also likely carry Samsung air conditioners and offer them through their installation services. They are a decent air conditioner, however; they are often overpriced and can usually cost quite a bit to install and maintain.


LG split systems are popular throughout the world, and they are one of the predominantly purchased split systems. That said, customer feedback has generally been poor when it comes to LG. Their systems tend to be complex and in colder climates they may not work as well. You maybe served with another brand for better support and reliability.


Mitsubishi is probably one of the most successful of the major companies when it comes to split air conditioners or mini-split systems. The Mr.Slim is widely promoted throughout the world, and backed by the industries longest warranty, with 10 years coverage. If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting, and efficient mini-split, the Mitsubishi Mr.Slim should definitely be on your shortlist of systems.


Carrier has always been known for their exceptional quality when it comes to HVAC. They are known primarily for their central air conditioning systems, however; have since created their own split ac. They offer significant efficiency and powerful cooling. With a variety of features and based in North America, Carrier provides customers with excellent support.



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  • In Top 5 Split ACs maybe Lg is better than Samsung, but its just my opinion
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  • Ken Graham

    Carrier installed Inverter Minisplits with non anodized evaporators, all lasted little more than a year, a last unit purchased before first failures was Anodized but required multiple call backs before they replaced card. Bought Rheem replacements with 2 year warranty though regrettably without Inverter technology, needless to say we let other members of the hotel association of Tapachula Mexico know. Good bye forever Carrier.

    Similar issue with Samsung 32 inch Led TVs, all lasted little more than a year, except one returned 3 times in 1st year, but never fixed properly, all failed so replaced all with Hisense LED TVs with 4 year factory warranty – no Hisense failures, A solid guarantee elicits a solid unit.

    I wish for the Mitsubishi Inverter air conditioner available here.