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An affordable and economic split air conditioner by Senville. Enjoy a Energy Star and Seer 19 Rated mini-split air conditioner at an affordable price!

Senville Spit Air Conditioner

Senville Air Conditioner

Senville offers a range of ductless mini-split air conditioners. These Senville wall-mounted air conditioners are designed to be easily installed and are Energy Star Approved.

With split air conditioners these days, whether you buy a major brand name or not, you are often getting the same compressor.

Senville air conditioners are all packed with a Toshiba Compressor for ultimate power, efficiency and reliability. Enjoy a long lasting, and durable split air conditioner that provides the best efficiency in its class.

Benefits of a Senville Mini-Split

Senville split air conditioners are all Energy Star Approved and Seer 19 Rated, running alongside inverter technology. Combining these technologies, Senville air conditioners result in a constant cool climate, with no dips in power, and a consistent stream of cool air!.

A look at their ductless mini-split air conditioners and Heat Pumps reveals a product that contains hardly any compromise. They are efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified machines with a SEER of 19, but they are also reasonably priced. They are relatively simple to install, but they are not an eyesore. Perhaps one setback is that they do not heat in extreme cold (below -5°F). But in return, they cool especially well, using inverter technology and Toshiba compressors—a price that is hard to call a significant compromise.

Energy Star Approved

Why Choose a Senville Air Conditioner?

One of the most striking things about the Senville Split AC is that it has a beautiful, sleek and modern design. Its modern LED Screen provides clear temperature readings and easy to use controls. Its remote control allows you to control your air conditioner conveniently and from anywhere in the room, you don’t even need to move.

This breed of hybrid HVAC products will inevitably produce more efficient and affordable machines as market competition intensifies and the field narrows. At this time, Senville can undoubtedly be called one of the leading brands in terms of affordability, efficiency, and overall quality. With barely any compromises on its machines, Senville is refreshing in their commitment to the customer, and their dedicated approach to building high-quality air conditioners truly shows.

The AURA Series by Senville

The Senville AURA is the latest ductless mini-split air conditioner by Senville, incorporating all of the latest technology. The Senville AURA boasts an industry leading 23 SEER, making it the most efficient ductless air conditioner on the market. As with previous models, Senville incorporates a powerful Toshiba Inverter Compressor into the AURA, providing powerful, efficient and long-lasting cooling. A special leak detection function which is exclusive to the Senville AURA, helps protect both your home and the air conditioner. When a leak is detected the Senville AURA will automatically shut down and inform you via the diagnostics system. A great feature for any of you who have previously experienced a refrigerant leak.

One special features on the Senville AURA is the inclusion of Follow-Me Technology, which allows the air conditioner to track your location and direct air flow towards you.  Combine this feature with a multi-directional, 3D air flow, and you’ll find your room cooler and with better air circulation. While this all sounds really fancy, the Senville AURA is still very reasonably priced, with models starting as low as 899.99.

The LETO Series by Senville

The LETO Series is a new product entry for Senville, in that they have designed an affordable, yet highly efficient split air conditioner. While the Senville LETO doesn’t carry the Energy Star Certifications that the AURA Series has, it still boasts a 16 SEER rating. This is pretty high when comparing it to cheaper air conditioners that run at about 13 SEER. On average going with a 16 SEER split air conditioner can save you up to 20% on your energy bill.

The Senville LETO proudly boasts a special Silver-Ion Filter which helps to improve air quality and reduce allergens. A great feature for someone concerned with the air quality in their house. Included are all the traditional features of a ductless air conditioner, including Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, and Timer Mode, as well as added energy saving features. The Senville Leto is still very aesthetically pleasing, and the most surprising thing is the cost of the unit, with models starting as low as $699.99.

Senville AC Features and Options

  • Easy to Use and Easy to Install
  • Beautiful and Sleek Design
  • Energy Star Approved and Energy Efficient
  • Powerful Cooling & Save on Electric Costs

Senville Corporate Video

An affordable and economic split air conditioner by Senville. Enjoy a Energy Star and Seer 19 Rated mini-split air conditioner at an affordable price!
  • Mitch Lampson

    I got one of these ductless air conditioners last month. Air conditioner outlet delivered it within 3 days. I did quite a lot of research before placing my order. It came down to the Senville and Mr. Slim units. They both had comparable specs but the Senville mini split cost around 1/2 the price and it had free shipping. You really can’t get more bang for your buck. I got a 1 ton unit for a grand. Fully loaded with an inverter compressor, heat pump and it’s Energy star certified. My average electrical consumption is down to around 40 KwH. Thats 70 bucks a month on hydro. 

    • Ibrahimekawi

      How much was installation?

      • James Neal

        It depends on your area, it should not exceed 400$


    Purchased a Senville in March. The delivery was very quick and the unit was in good condition in its packaging. I was honestly in disbelief at how quiet this heat pump was considering the output. My family and I had a very noisy heater before that we joked about, and we almost miss it because there’s no noise to make fun of. The air quality of this Senville is higher than that one (a brand I won’t name), and it works well as a cooler too (we use the cooling function during the day). There are good settings for temperature and you don’t have to constantly readjust the settings for what you want, the Senville keeps the room at a very consistent temperature. Installation wasn’t that bad, we had an HVAC guy help out.

  • Jaffar

    Great unit, came with everything I needed to get it installed except for the wiring cables which I got from a contractor for 15$. I am surprised to the little noise it makes when it’s running at full power, now I don’t have to worry about my neighbors when I turn it at night. I also haves noticed a difference on my energy bill!   

  • James Neal

    Very interesting review on the Senville unit. Definitely a contender in my top choices.

  • mike

    I live in Canada. We can get -15C to -25C in the winter at times. But not very often. I’m wondering if this unit would be a good choice for this kind of climate?

    • paul corbiere

      i live in quebec and i have a 18000 btu and it work fine even at -12 c. i gust buy a

      aura 18000 btu for my app. up stairs

  • Phil

    Any more reviews? Where are these made? china? though there was a review on amazon saying it was made in USA. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Francis Stevenson

    Placed my order for a 12000btu Senville Aura, I’ve been using my unit for 2 months now. I am satisfied with my purchase, the unit has a great look, very efficient, makes almost no noise at all.

  • Francis Stevenson

    I purchased one last week, spoke to the personnel at Senville, they’re great! I love the unit, it’s surprisingly very quiet. Shipping took 2 days…

    Two Thumbs Up

  • simpletony1

    We’re near Prescott, AZ. Any installers in this area? Talking to Home Depot about the install only option. There’s one very negative comment near the bottom of this page among all these good ones. Always makes one wonder what went wrong? Bugs happen.

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