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On July 13, 2012
Last modified:July 30, 2012


The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is one of the best air conditioners on the market. If your looking for mini-split ductless air conditioner that is durable, quiet, efficient and long-lasting, the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim air conditioner is your best bet!

When it comes to Mitsubishi air conditioners, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Mr. Slim system.  The ductless split air conditioner system that was designed by Mitsubishi, is renowned worldwide. Mr. Slim may well be considered the Rolls Royce of air conditioning units.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Air Conditioners?

We don’t often give a 5 star review out, but the Mr.Slim by Mitsubishi deserves it! They back their product by a 10 year warranty, and continue to work in some of the most rugged, desert climates. If your looking for an air conditioner that will add value to your home, and provide you with years of service to your home, the Mitsubishi Mr.Slim is the right choice for you.

Packed with advanced technology like its variable compressor speed and inverter technology, Mitsubishi provides you with an efficient and Energy Star rated air conditioner. Helping you to reduce costs and control your indoor air quality, as well as comfort.

The Mr. Slim uses a Catchetin Plus air filter to remove air particles and pollutants from your home, business and/or office. Matched with low ambient operation, the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is one of the quietest air conditioner models on the market.

How Does the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Work?

Check out this video put together by Mitsubishi explaining how their mini-split ductless air conditioners work, and how they compare to other split units. It’s a great video even if you want to familiarize yourself with a split air conditioner.

The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is one of the best air conditioners on the market. If your looking for mini-split ductless air conditioner that is durable, quiet, efficient and long-lasting, the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim air conditioner is your best bet!
  • nice and informative site.I like that.The informations are important.

  • buttercups

    these air conditioners suck if youre trying to cool more than one room… its ment for small areas,

    • I guess you have never heard of the multizone units.

  • sagar nayak

    nice information i think i m going to buy

  • chandan kazi

    Please dont…dont….dont buy the Mitsubishi AC, after sales service is very very bad and they are layer.

    • hvac tech

      Technical support is practically nonexistent

      • Ed

        I agree they will not respond to any E-Mail. and their Diamond dealers are not the diamond they are supposed to be. If you like humidity this is your unit. He has no way of removeing humidity. Dry mode has no way of removing humidity. I have 4 unit and two system and 2 yrs experince. I had to learn the hard way.

  • robi hossain

    Mitsubishi a Great layer Company dont perches any AC from Mitsubishi

  • Linda Noskewicz

    I have to totally agree with Chandan Kazi. We bought two units (Mr. Slims) in the spring of 2011. One of the circuit boards was faulty. The contractor and distributor have been bending over backwards since then to fix it but Mitsubishi’s “customer service” is non-existent. They should be ashamed! We’ve been put on hold for two and a half hours at a time before giving up on a human being answering. We’ve gotten the runaround when someone actually returned our call. Now, we’re still here with two very expensive units that haven’t worked for almost two years. Don’t purchase ACs from Mitsubishi!! They may be great if they work, but if you have to deal with customer service, you can kiss several thousand dollars down the drain. Buy a Fijitsu. They’re cheaper, they work just as well, and their customer service is tremendous. We’re still kicking ourselves. I’m telling everyone about it.

    • Ed


  • Jim

    I’ve traveled rural China for 6 summers experiencing mostly Chinese and Korean branded mini splits. I recently installed a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim and it’s efficient and quiet EXCEPT for the clicking sound described on page 9 of the operations manual. NEVER have I heard such a noise in such a unit and it will wake you up from a deep sleep. I’m so disappointed and regret not trying to find another brand. The dealer didn’t even know that such a click was common and drained and vacuumed the system to no avail. But I found it in the book and it’s just ridiculous and inexcusable for the price. Units costing half don’t make the clicking sound when the plastic outer housing cools or heats, contracting or expanding. RESEARCH OTHERS. As soon as I can afford to dump it I will and never buy anything Mitsubishi again

    • JJ

      We have spent $22K for these mini splits in an older brick home and everything about it has been a nightmare. It’s been going on for a year with one thing after another. The pumps, the remotes, on and on. I would never recommend this system and Mitsubishi reps are not help.

  • Anita

    2006 had a 24,000 Mitsubishi split installed, 7 yrs. later 3 compressor failures, There is no help out there for a LEMON. tHIS WAS NOT A CHEAP ENDEAVOR!!!!! HELP!!!!!!

  • ong

    Mitsubishi . this is the horrible management team. i brand new air base all rust .but no one respond to me . i call few time. that not only my unit . is many house have this problem

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  • Nan

    We installed a smaller size Mr Slim for cooling a 1100 s.f. Home and it is the best, quietest AC i’ve ever used. Has NO problem removing humidity and moves the air nicely. Since the home has high ceilings we use ceiling fans in all rooms.

  • Tutu

    Mitsubishi, mr slim unit not cooling have had service come four times, tired of messing with them, I wish Mitsubishi would stand behind their product, never again, no customer service.
    If there is a ten year warranty why don’t they come get mine, or fix it..lemon?

  • sara john

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  • ED

    If you buy Mitsubishi Mini-split. It has a dry mode. Check out the dry mode. It will not remove Humidity it will add Humidity. I have had 2 Mini-splits 18000 and a 9000 they will not remove humidity they will add humidity. They fool me don’t let them fool you. The air condition add humidity to the air, I had to buy a dehumidifier, Just ask the saleman if it is able to remove humitity. If he say’s yes RUN.

  • debarshi sarbagna

    we purchased a mitsubishi air conditioner 1 ton model MS/MUGK13GK from AC’SS Barrackpore, Kolkata-700122 on 20/04/2016. The ac malfunctioned from the date of installation and did not give any cooling effect. On reporting it to the dealer they said that the gas pressure has reduced and increased gas pressure. but this did not make any difference and they took away the indoor unit for inspection by mitsubishi personnel. they reinstalled but the problem persisted. now they said that the problem is with the outdoor unit and took it away promising to replace the outdoor unit. It is almost a month that ispite of making payment, the ac has not been delivered.

    i do not think a brand like this should be so unprofessional. i never wanted a mitsubishi a.c installed at the first place but fell for the dealer’s words. now i have been made to pay a severe price.

  • Sharon Wayne McCullough

    Worst mistake we ever made buying this crap. $32,000.00 to install in our new house. Runs all the time and will not cool everyday, somedays but not everyday. Crazy huh. Very quite running equipment but does not cool.

  • Nematgroup PK

    “Mitsubishi Brand is a sign of Quality products. In Pakistan, Mitsubishi Air Conditioners are imported in parts and assembled by Orient Electronics (Pvt) Ltd at their Lahore Factory.

    We purchased 25 Nos. One Tone Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioners for Pakistan Navy. Within 6 months of operation, the ACs started malfunctioning. It was observed that all nine inner units u-bands had leaked and required replacement. The condition of the inner and outer units showed a clear picture of substandard materials and workmanship.

    Within 06 months, the condition of ACs have deteriorated to such an extent that any one can guess that they will not run any more. Under such a condition Orient should offer replacement, however, they have intimated to us that they will only repair the units by replacing the defective U-Bands and that too by charging a substantial amount.

    The ACs are sold with warranty of (3+1) years, whereas only half the period of warranty is passed. It is pertinent to mention that we are a large customer of Mitsubishi Air Conditioners purchasing over 1000 units a year.

    Orient Electronics management is requested to please oblige their warranty responsibility and replace the defected units at the earliest.”