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On May 1, 2012
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An effective and affordable mini-ductless split air conditioner, Klimaire provides comfortable and economic cooling.

Klimaire Split Air Conditioner

Klimaire Air Conditioner

Klimaire is one of the fastest growing air conditioner brands in North America and around the world. Klimaire has been manufacturing quality air conditioners and air conditioning systems for over 10 years. Their line of split air conditioners provide you with durable and energy efficient cooling. Klimaire offers split air conditioners from 9000BTU up to 24000BTU depending on your needs.

Now when buying a split air conditioner, there are a few things to consider. One is the overall efficiency, or SEER rating. Klimaire offers both a SEER13 model and a SEER18 model. If you want some upfront savings, going with a SEER13 will save you a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you’re the type that wants some savings in the long-run, a SEER18 will help you cut down on electric costs.

Klimaire might not be one of the big brands, but it’s definitely a bang for your buck sort of air conditioner. Since there models are mini-split or ductless air conditioners, you can save on installation versus a central system, and you also get great efficient cooling.

Air Conditioners offered by Klimaire:

  • Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner (Ductless Mini-Split)

Klimaire as a Brand

Klimaire has been established for over 10 years, based out of Miami, FL. Klimaire has focused primarily on cooling and refrigeration, offering a selection of ductless mini-split and wall-mounted air conditioners. While not one of the big brands, they often use components from Panasonic and Hitachi. That means you get great bang for your buck, and a quality air conditioner.

An effective and affordable mini-ductless split air conditioner, Klimaire provides comfortable and economic cooling.

3 Responses to Klimaire Split Air Conditioner Review

  1. Dennis Coleman says:

    Got one 4 years ago and it is still working perfectly, just added a bit of refrigerant of course..

  2. Karim maliki says:

    Definitely a great unit to go with, the 2007 models were not so quiet tough, hope they changed that!

  3. lou says:

    Klimaire and HEATCOOL is a subsidiary of universal enviromental products inc. I purchased a tankless water heater from them and they took my money (for warranty return shipping) and will not give me a new heater. Here is BBB rating for this company;

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