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What is Inverter Technology?

Inverter Technology LogoWhat is inverter technology? Is inverter technology for me? If you are a consumer that wants to save energy, money on your electricity bills and make the environment a better place then inverter technology is the right choice for you.

Most people tend to turn off their air conditioner units at the wrong time just to save on their electricity bill. The previous, is completely understandable considering the economic events we are going through in today’s world.

Sometimes spending a bit more money when purchasing your split air conditioner or any air conditioner, can end up saving you alot more in the long run! By doing so, you make sure you’re buying a unit that’s energy efficient and on the long run or even on the short run you will see it making a big difference. Energy Star approved air conditioners save up to 20 to 30% more energy than the other types that to not carry the label. It is approved by the U.S. government and they also encourage all consumers to go with energy star by giving away tax rebates on these units (Depending on which state you live in).

If you’re leaning towards a mini split air conditioner, one of my advices would be to get one equipped with an “Inverter Technology ” compressor. Inverter compressors operate at adaptable speeds instead of constant ones like the other conventional types. It eliminates the on/off cycle most air conditioners typically implement drastically reduces electrical consumption by up to 40%, which was a nice addition to the Senville line this year. Inverter air conditioners tend have longer life spans in general due to their speed control capabilities.

If you consider the two factors mentioned above you will be saving a lot more electricity than you think.

  • Marc Costa

    I purchased an inverter split air conditioner last summer and it sure made a difference. I’ll also add that my last mini split system was 6 years old…

  • James Neal

    I’m looking around for a ductless system, very helpful article I will for sure be visiting your store.
    Great author!
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Guy Roberts

    Inverter Technology is great! My first product was a microwave and now it’s a Panasonic split air conditioner, they are Energy Savers!

  • emmanuel Kpegeloebel

    I love your technology. it is what most people need in Nigeria if the awareness is there. how can I get one in nigeria. Having a office in will be a graet deal