Split Air Conditioner Installation

How to Install a Split Air Conditioner

So you want to know how to install a mini-split air conditioner system? Well installing a split air conditioner is still a moderate to hard job, so if you aren’t a handy man, we probably suggest you leave this up to the professionals. That said, you may just want to take a shot at installing your own split air conditioner.

Whether you have already purchased your split air conditioner or you are considering one, you may want to know the installation process. Below we will take a look at the overall installation process for the split air conditioner. Proper installation is essential to effectively using the system and getting the longevity out of it that it is intended to provide. Always be sure to read the instructions that come with the individual split air conditioner you have purchased.

Many people do not install their own split air conditioner. This type of project is one that some people can do, but others prefer to hire a professional to do the installation work. If you do decide to hire someone for it, you can either look for an experienced handyman, or someone who has the tools, patience, and ability to see the project through to success.

The good news is that split air conditioner installation is not all that complicated if you do decide to do the work yourself. Here is the basic process you will follow to install your split air conditioner:

  • Locate where you will place the wall mounted unit. Choose a space by keeping in mind that the outdoor component it is hooked to needs to be a in an area that does not get a lot of traffic or has minimal dust.
  • Once you do that you will drill a 3-inch hole that leads to outside, where the other component will come together with the piping.
  • Next you will secure the mounting plate on the wall that will be used for mounting the indoor component. Be sure to use the appropriate bracket for the split air conditioner you have purchased.
  • At this point the pipes will be connected from the indoor component to the outdoor one, using the 3-inch hole that has been cut.
  • Secure the indoor unit to the mounting bracket you have installed on the wall.
  • Next you will go outdoors and match up the area you chose on the other side of the wall from where you just mounted the other component.
  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s warnings regarding the space that your split air conditioner needs on all sides. For example, it will likely need to be placed 30 cm away from the home, yet need 60 cm of space out in front of it.
  • Place the component on the ground, secure the pipes, and fasten all the cables and clamps.
  • Be sure that the outdoor component is securely in place.

Once you have completed each of the steps necessary to install your split air conditioner you are ready to bleed the unit, insulate the piping and joints, and seal the hole. It is important that the installation process for your split air conditioner be done correctly to ensure that it works the way it is supposed to, and so that it does not interfere with the warranty. If you have questions or feel you are not qualified to install the split air conditioner you should opt for hiring experienced help for the project.


  • Mailbag3

    Is there any adjustments to be made ” Turn the vacuum on until it reaches an absolute vacuum of ????? Hg for example ” or do you just hookup and turn it on?

  • czerney

    Leave this all to the pros this is no handyman job.You need the training and the proper equitment. Your system may work for a while but life of system will be shorted if not done correct and no warrity without the hvac ticket…

  • bhanu

    what problems i may face when i mount a 1 ton capacity split a.c to drywall ??
    do i need to use special mounts ??

  • Summit Air Inc

    Great information!!! It is important that you install the AC properly. If not installed properly, the water leakage problem can occur. AC is a need of weather but make sure that the person who is installing AC is professional.