Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Review

Fujitsu is a multinational company headquartered in Japan holding more than 170 000 employees worldwide. Mostly known for it’s computer product and services, it is currently ranked third on the world’s largest IT provider list. This great company now has a hand in the Hvac world building sophisticated air conditioners and heat pumps as it also has a hand in the smartphone world. Founded in 1935, this company built a great reputation for being eco-friendly, stating¬† that all its notebook and tablet PCs released globally comply with the latest Energy Star standard while most of it’s air conditioners carry the label.

Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Fujitsu has been in air conditioner market for 35 years. Offering great products to satisfy your climate needs all while being as green as possible. Known in the industry for its split air conditioners, floor air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners more. Unlike other companies it had to manufacture and produce products that meet the standards of over 75 countries worldwide.

Fujitsu Split Air Conditioning

This company has sure built strong, quiet and efficient units to meet consumer’s demands. Labeling most of it’s air conditioner Energy Star, Fujitsu has to meet yearly standards in energy efficiently therefore producing new models each year. Their compressors are now inverter technology which is known to be the most reliable in terms of savings and comfort. It sure comes equipped with a lot of options like : remote control, 24 hour time, quiet mode, dry mode, sleep timer and more…Of course all of these options could also be found in other much cheaper split air conditioners.

These split air conditioner normally have to be bought at local dealers. Be careful as it carried statements on their website saying “PLEASE NOTE:¬† INTERNET SALES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND UNAUTHORIZED.¬† Any HVAC systems purchased on the Internet, from an online retailer or any similar e-tailing website, OR where the original factory serial numbers of the display have been removed, defaced, or replaced in any way WILL NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY”. So be aware when you find one of their units online.

Fujitsu has been criticized over the past for not offering the process of online purchase as each year more and more Americans and Canadians becomes more comfortable at. Split air conditioner that are sold online are normally cheaper than local stores assuming you can cut the cost of rent/inventory/employees/utility bills and the list goes on. As for Fujitsu they manufacture great air conditioners, they held a great reputation worldwide but when it comes to pricing there is definitely better deals for your buck out there.

  • Luc Desjardins

    I’ve had one for 3 years now, it doesn’t perform the same…

  • Michael Myers

    That is not normal, you should probably get a tech to check it out.

  • rick benson

    I just found out the hard way that the inside air handler fan has a cost to replace around $800. It lasted just a little over its 2 year warranty. Our tech says that other manufacturers do a better job of standing behind their products.

  • Joe

    I bought a 24000 BTU dual head system about six years ago for an upstairs game/theater room. I did not use the unit very much. Maybe 3 or 4 time a year. I just recently have the room the way I want it and started to use it more and I noticed on of the heads was not working. I have had someone working on it for over two months. I have had the compressor, electronic control valve, control board, and an active filter replaced and it still does not work. I am told that there is a solenoid that needs to be replaced. I am not sure if there is something in the outside unit that has not been replaced. My contractor has worked with Fujitsu tech support and they helped him find the problem. I sent an e-mail to Fujitsu customer support about all the issues I was having with their product that was seldom used. All they could tell me is that the warranty of the units started when the product was installed and not hours used. (Really? Like I did not know that.) And for my contractor to call tech support for help. I told them in the e-mail that tech support was contacted. They never addressed my concern of quality issues with their products. One thing going bad is one thing, but 5?! If I get this unit running again, I am not confident it will continue to work. I will never buy another Fujitsu product again.

  • Emran Qureshi

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  • sg

    fujitsu aircon broke less than a year. Technician came 8-10 x per year. It has been 2 years now with no improvement. I am tearing whole fujitsu aircon and change to other brands! Everytime i heard about Fujitsu, i am furious! Will never buy anything related to that brand again!

  • Jo

    I had a Fujitsu split aircon installed last than a year ago. The control board already fall on me. I will never buy any Fujitsu product anymore.

  • marielcamu49

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