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Ductless Split Units vs. Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioner
Central Air Conditioner

For anyone looking at installing a permanent air conditioner in their home, you’ll often face the questions as to whether central air conditioners are better that ductless units or vice versa. We’ve put together this article to help you in making a decision and whether or not you will need central air conditioning or a split unit.

A few questions that you will first need to ask, is what is the square footage of the area, how much do you want to spend on installation, and how long do you plan on keeping your unit. If you have a large area (over 1500 sq. ft), or several floors you may want to consider central air conditioning. That said, you’ll also have to incur higher installation costs, as vent work, ducting, etc. will all need to be done. Many central air conditioners offer a warranty for 10 years, and can provide significant cooling for a large area.

If the area you are looking to cool is less than 1500 sq. ft. you are probably better off with a split air conditioner unit. A split air conditioner can often give you significant savings in both the short and long-run. They are also very easy to install, and can usually cost you a few hundred dollars for installation. This means you can get the same sort of reliable cooling as a central air conditioner at more than half the cost. We recommend that if you go this route, to get an air conditioner with a SEER 16 rating or higher.

Energy Star also provides a tax rebate for air conditioners (both central and split units) that are over SEER 15.

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  • David Cohen

    My family and I moved into a new house in virginia beach and we had the ductless air conditioner vs central air conditioner debate for weeks. We ended up going split air conditioners even tough we have approx. 2000 sq feet. After making the calculation we ended up realizing that it would be high cheaper to go with a dual zone with 2 18 000 btus equipped with heat pumps. They’re good on electricity, we saved the price of the unit and instalation and also look nice.

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    Question; Toronto; southfacing two-storey condo; 30 ft deck off living room; 1500 sq ft. Heating is taken care of, I don’t need to consider it, if it makes it a cheaper option… Because of wall space, I need a small a/c unit for main level and a largeer one up in the 2nd floor stairwell. Does anyone have advice? We have to get going soon.