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On August 3, 2012
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Carrier is known for ventilation and home cooling. Offering a wide range of air conditioning systems, including central and split units, Carrier is one of the most renowned air conditioner brands in the industry.

CarrierYou might all be familiar with Carrier air conditioners, and obviously for good reason. Carrier has years of experience, and has built a brand on quality ventilation. Offering a wide range of ventilation products, carrier offers central and ductless options, as well as home air quality solutions. For the purpose of this review, we’ll be focusing particularly on the central and split air conditioning units that are offered by Carrier.

Our experience has always been positive with customers and their feedback on central air conditioners by Carrier. Generally customers are extremely pleased with the product, and the real pay off usually comes in the long run, with Carrier units being extremely durable! Carrier air conditioning units also tend to be extremely energy efficient, with their least efficient model running at 16 SEER, along with models reaching up to over 20 SEER, which is extraordinary.

Newer Carrier systems have also gone as far as integrating thermostats that can be remote controlled from a smartphone, or cloud base control station. This means you’ll be able to turn off your air conditioner when you leave to work, or when know one is home, and schedule it to turn on 15 minutes before you get back. This all helps to keep your energy costs down, while never sacrificing comfort. A few other brands like Lennox, also offer similar features, and if you are looking at a central air conditioner, this may be a feature you want to consider.

When it comes to split or ductless air conditioners, if you have the luxury to put towards a Carrier split air conditioner, it may be an option to consider. They are rather pricey though compared to equivalent models, and they have really been focused on central systems rather than ductless. In a “bang-for-buck” situation, you can very likely go for an alternate brand and save yourself quite a bit of money.

If you are planning on going with a Carrier air conditioner, remember you will need to go through a Factory Authorized Dealer in order to purchase your air conditioner and have it installed.

Carrier is known for ventilation and home cooling. Offering a wide range of air conditioning systems, including central and split units, Carrier is one of the most renowned air conditioner brands in the industry.
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  • Luis Reyero

    I find that when your buying a Carrier you are paying for the name. Not saying that it is bad quality but I find that there are a lot of brand out there with the same specs and for a cheaper price.

  • Jeremy Allen

    I’m a contractor in the city of Chicago, I deal with Carrier all the time and let me say they are great. I have contract with them and I install their air conditioners, they always keep they’re promises, always on time, great customer service and technical support.
    As for the installation of their split air conditioners, it is a bit more complicated then the other brands therefore I suggest you get a professional licensed contractor for the job.

  • jrea

    Had nothing but trouble since Day1 when it blew up and had to be replaced. Every year copper pipe bursts and we have to mend and regas. Had enough and decided to replace. Also, they are impossible to contact directly. Now that is saying something is it not….

  • Steven Hugg

    Carrier has the name in air conditioner industry but I like LG split air conditioner due to it’s efficiency.

  • Avichal Sharma

    I had bought a Carrier airconditioner in 2010 December and have been facing constant problems since then,

    1) Poor cooling effect

    2) Creates moisture in the room

    3) AC has stopped functioning 3 times in 2.5 years

    4) Worst is the extremely poor customer service.

    Their call center is dismal and has untrained and lying staff members who do not give you any resolution and treat you poorly.

    Officer Manish and Supervisor Iqbal Khan are the worst customer service representatives I have ever spoken to.

    The company has taken away parts of my AC from the last 8 days and are now non contactable. The call center who sent the service people do not help at all (see names above)

    Their email address alsi does not accept emails !! Its a wonder this company is still surviving.

    I advise everyone to never buy a Carrier AC unless they want to go through mental torture.

    Avichal Sharma

  • David B.

    Has an Infinity system installed in 2006 but contractor put the outside unit too close to the overhang of the roof and it blew up i 2011. New one installed with a coil replaced only after 5 years but the new unit is great. Low electric bills and very quiet. I hope it lasts a long time because they are expensive. Living in AZ A/C is a must have.

  • Princess Angeline

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  • Emran Qureshi

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  • Justine Vel

    I’m from Manila and very displeased with the 2 units of Toshiba Carrier split type inverter AC we recently bought bec of poor cooling effect. It is way below the claims of the technical specifications. I’m not sure if it’s the unit or if it’s the installer/contractor who is at fault. But it’s been almost a month since we’ve been calling the installer to check on the units but their customer service is so frustrating. They commit dates and time but do not do as they say. They refuse to change the units… so much for that 5 year warranty. I called Carrier Philippines this morning, they said they will call me back after speaking with the installer. I waited all day but they didn’t call. Very stresstrating (stressful and frustrating). I wish I just bought from LG. I never had problems with my LG split type inverter. I bought Carrier inverter to compare it with LG now I got my answer. Tomorrow will be another day of follow up. Sigh.

  • J. Piersol

    Carrier Corporation and their Infinity system is JUNK. They are not honoring their 10 year compressor warranty, because the inferior compressor used in my 2008 system is no longer used by Carrier. Their solution – sell me a new condenser unit at $2000. I will

  • Gaurav Saxena

    Dear Carrier,
    with reference to my complaint no 91209208 dated 28 june 2014.
    I feel sorry to inform you that my complaint is still pending. Its very strange that i contact almost thrice to your cc but my issue is still not resolved.
    Is this type of customer service is provide by you or You people think that your customers are fool??
    Frankly speaking right now i am feeling as a cheated customer, Such type of negligence proof that ‘carrier’ is has poorest customer care and after sales services in the lot.
    In today’s era when customer care is the most important part of marketing and After sales services are the back bone of any organistion, your attitude, approach and response is very shameful. Is ‘carrier’ is still in ‘stone age’ or its your attitude to treat your customer as an stupid fellow.


    Cheated customer
    Gaurav saxena